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Posted On : 30 Jan 2018
In a hypothyroid mother my question is 1-newborn should be screened for thyroid how many days after birth 2-We should do free T3 T4 or total T3T4
Expert Answer :
The effect of maternal hypothyroidism on the baby’s brain development is not as clear. Untreated severe hypothyroidism in the mother can lead to impaired brain development in the baby. However, recent studies have suggested that subtle brain abnormalities may be present in children born to women who had mild untreated hypothyroidism during pregnancy. Testing eith Free T3 and Free T4 should be done on Day 3 along with TSH.
Answer Discussion :
Senthilnesh Ambalam
3rd day and 45th day of life.
3 years ago
konandurLingappa venugopaladr
getting cord blood and investigations tsh enough.
repeated after 72 hrs
due to false positive report of delivery stress where usually the levels are high..
complete profile would be helpful

3 years ago
P Sreekumaran
2daya free T4 and free T3
3 years ago
Felicia Obok
2 to 5 days.
Then asses hypothyroidism by assessing for TSH.

3 years ago
1. within 24h
2. free T3 T4

3 years ago

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