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Posted On : 04 Aug 2018
inhaled corticosteroid by its nongenomic action influence the cationic transport across the mitochondrial membrane produces immediate effect of reducing mucosal edema and muscle spasm. Hence it is beneficial and recomended in the treatment of Croup.By the same mechanism theoreticaly it must be beneficial in treatment of acute why is it not helpful in acute asthma_?
Expert Answer :
Inhaled corticosteroids are used in acute exacerbation of asthma too if the child is already on inhaled therapy and dose may be increased. However for status asthmaticus, inhaled steroids would not reach the bronchus due to severe bronchoconstriction and hence systemic steroids are required.
Answer Discussion :
D Manjunath
in acute asthma needs immediate brochodilatation ie beta agonist not steroids
3 years ago
Osama Mustafa Simsaa
I think the action occurs after 2 hours
3 years ago
Kuwar Ashit
in asthma there bronchoconstriction along with edema. for immediate relief there needs to be inhaled steroids are not useful for acute asthma
3 years ago

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