Question :
Posted On : 16 Dec 2015
is Cholera Vaccine available now _? how is it given and shedule_?
Expert Answer :
Yes Cholera Vaccine is now available in India marketed by Shantha Biotech.The name of the vaccine is Shanchol.It is a bivalent{O1 and O139 starin} whole cell killed vaccine .It has to be given orallly in two doses above the age of one year at an interval of six weeks.The efficacy is 67 percent in a trail conducted in Kolkata on 70,000 individual.The efficacy lasts for a period of two years.There is one more vaccine available in the world which is also a killed oral vaccine made by Swedish company and marketed as Dukoral but not licensed in Inida.This vaccine is WHO prequalified but cost is prohibitive.The cost of Indian vaccine is now about 100 Rs.
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