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Posted On : 28 Oct 2017
is ONLY fever More than 100 on first three day of birth can be a sufficient criteria for septic screening.CAN WE GO FOR SEPTIC SCREENING IN THESE BABIES.
Expert Answer :
Presence of the following high-risk factors has been associated with an increased risk of early onset sepsis:
1. Low birth weight { Less than 2500 grams} or preterm baby
2. Febrile illness in the mother within 2 weeks prior to delivery.
3. Foul smelling and, or meconium stained liquor amnii.
4. Prolonged rupture of membranes More than 24 hours.
5. More than 3 vaginal examinations during labor
6. Prolonged and difficult delivery with instrumentation
7. Perinatal asphyxia {Apgar score Less than 4 at 1 minute or age} or difficult resuscitation
Neonates with presence of foul smelling liquor or three of the above mentioned risk factors should be considered to have early onset sepsis and treated with antibiotics. Presence of 2 risk factors should be investigated with a septic screen and treated
Isolated fever may not be an indication but associated features such as lethargy, refusal to feed should make one suspect and do septic screening.
Answer Discussion :
vidhya marimuthu
atleast septic screen -micro esr,crp..if negative we just observe
3 years ago
Meena Ghosh
yes high fever in neonate is a indication o d septic screen
3 years ago
Kaden ghaluob kasem
yes we do
3 years ago
Chakroun Dhia
screenig off course
3 years ago
Chakroun Dhia
testour week have To screen
3 years ago

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