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Posted On : 06 Nov 2022
Patients who have abdominal symptoms during a change of season like abdominal pain, vomiting, and loose stools. There is no other symptom pertaining to other systems. What could be the cause of these symptoms and how should we manage these cases?
Expert Answer :
Rule out allergies and lactose intolerance. Also rule out amoebiasis.
Answer Discussion :
Maha Arnaout
Viral gastroenteritis , ensure adequate hydration
1 year ago
Kevin Sangma
viral gastroenteritis Ix: CBC, Stool exam, RFT with electrolytes. ORT according to kg/ body, zinc and supportive measures.
1 year ago
wegu gugesa
dehydration RX. ors age withe /kg anti helmantic durg. zink dose /age and metocropromid syrup and achild age is gerater than 2 yers albendazol or mebendazol give stat.
1 year ago
Frimpomaa Priscilla
viral gastroenteritis
1 year ago
Suresh Dewangan
may be stomatitis ,
1 year ago

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