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Posted On : 16 Oct 2022
Is the use of Mefenamic acid safe as an antipyretic in young children? Is it anyway better than paracetamol?
Expert Answer :
Mefenamic acid should be avoided in children less than 14 years of age. For children, Paracetamol is the best antipyretic.
Answer Discussion :
Nabil Mikati
The risk of GI and blood side effects is higher than paracetamol.Liver enzymes in infants less elaborate
1 year ago
Junaid Ansari
After giving the paracetamol the temperature of the body does not decreases . In that condition we prescribes Mefenamic in ( SOS)
1 year ago
better than paracetamol in very high fever especially above 39 centigrade can be used only in emergency otherwise paracetamol
1 year ago
Dr-Ahmed Ragab
no paracetamol is safer
1 year ago
Ravi Goyal
nimesulide is better, safer & more effective
1 year ago

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