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Posted On : 27 Dec 2016
pt 8yrs male child came with history of hematuria since 4 days
cola coloured urine 4 days
fever 4 days hg no chills
throat pain 4 days
on examination:temp 102f,hr 120, min,rr 28, min
throat congested,no edema face,feet
tonsills infected,congested
bp 110, 76mmhg with big cuff size
s, e:rs normal,cvs normal,cns normal
pper soft ,liver not palpable,spleen not palpable,
no palpable mass,no phimosis
hb 10.2,tc 14800,dc 72, 28, 0, 0, 0
aso titre normal
urine routine s, o rbc 80-100, hpf,pc 10-15 , hpf
rbc castplus,proteinplusplusplusplus.
urine culture negative
usg kidney normal
renal doppler normal
mcug normal
nephrologist opinion taken for hematuria and renal biopsy planned.
Past hitory:hematuria 1yr every time with throat infection intermittent 4 to 5episodes in last one year.
investigated previous c3 level normal never low
aso titre normal previous normal
i had planned for renal biopsy with electron microscopy and tonsillectomy.
please let me know what should be further management.
tonsillectomy to be done
Expert Answer :
Also get immunoflorescence on renal biopsy to rule out IgA nephropathy. Any family history of deafness, then rule out Alport`s disease.
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