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Posted On : 21 Apr 2017
sir i wnt a clarification regarding the answer given to my query about transfusion of packed cell in severly anaemic thallesemic child.
YOU TOLD IN A 10 Kg CHILD WITH Hb 3gm percent.TOTAL PACKED CELL REQUIRED WILL BE {14-3}x 3x wt.. ie 10=330 cc..OUT OF WHICH 3cc per kg ie 30cc in first aliquot 4cc per kg =40 cc in second aliuot and 4 cc per kg =40 cc in third. BUT THE TOTAL WILL BE 110 CC. PLEASE CLARIFY _?_?_?
Expert Answer :
You will have to transfuse the child to bring up the hemoglobin upto atleast 10gm percent. About 15cc, kg of packed cells would increase the HB by 3 gm percent. Thus the child would require about 30-40cc, kg of packed cells which would be divided into smaller aliquots which the child can tolerate. Thus the blood would be given over 2-3 days.
Answer Discussion :
Edna Nai
Of the total dose required, one third is given day one, two thirds on day two and the rest given day three
4 years ago
One normally give 5cc, kg on day 1, followed by 10cc, kg on day 2 and 15cc, kg on day 3. Total 30cc, kg over 3 days. Total 300cc over three days.
4 years ago

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