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Posted On : 08 Sep 2017
sir im practising pediatrics in remote area,please tell me the different causes of MOANING or continuous low pitched cry in newborne and treatment....please urgent my previous question on bcg scar remains unanswered.
Expert Answer :
Thanks for addressing me the question on moaning and continuous crying in one newborn.

It is very difficult to pose a complete diagnosis and consequent treatment due to the lack of history of the newborn {delivery and evolution during the time from the birth} and observing and visiting him directly.

Two very frequent origins of moaning and continuous crying in a newborn are:
1. Moaning- Due to progressive development of reduction in muscular tone due to neonatal post - asphyxia syndrome or primitive neuromuscular illness e.g. Spinal Muscular Atrophy {SMA}.
2. Continuous crying – If pain from different origin can be excluded, it could be connected to upper airway obstruction. Crying is an accessory way for the newborn to ventilate sufficiently. Crying baby after short pause is suggestive of cohanal atresia.

Moaning and crying can be present contemporarily in clinical situation involving neuromuscular pathology {in progression} and upper airways obstruction.

Both clinical condition must be deeply and rapidly investigate in high specialized hospital due to the severity of outcome.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if necessary.
Answer Discussion :
Niraj k Gupta
important thing is whether baby has respiratory distress or not. As such cry must be differentiated from grunt.
4 years ago
abdo dabwan farea
acording to the age and cause
4 years ago

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