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Posted On : 23 Aug 2016
sir ,please tell which drugs cross the blood brain barrier in case of meningeal inflammation ,and which drugs cross the blood brain barrier without inflammation
Expert Answer :
There are a limited number of mechanisms by which substances cross the BBB. The major mechanisms for delivery of substances into the CNS are transmembrane diffusion and saturable transport. Most CNS therapeutics are small, lipid soluble molecules that are likely to rely upon transmembrane diffusion to cross the blood brain barrier. Although peptides, and even some small proteins, have a measurable transmembrane diffusion, saturable transporters are liable to be the most effective mechanism for delivering these molecules into the CNS.
Usually, protein binding results in a drastic net decrease in CNS uptake because only free drug is available to cross the BBB. Thus drugs that cross blood brain barriers will depend on pharmacodynamics, pharmokinetic properties of a drug.
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