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Posted On : 13 Sep 2017
sir.if a mantoux test comes negative and suspiscion is high.after how many months can we repeat the montoux test on the same patient,and if there is no scar after BCG vaccination,do we have to repeat BCG vaccination.
Expert Answer :
One can repeat a MT even after a week. It will only cause it to increase by 1mm.
If there is no BCG scar after vaccine, do a Mantoux test in children more than 6 months of age. If MT is negative, repeat BCG. If positive, treat for TB. If child is less than 6 months of age, then one can repeat BCG Vaccine even without doing a MT.
Answer Discussion :
rani lubis
I think you should consider the nutritional status of your patient because if your patient status is malnourished, you should improve it first. TST can be anergy in malnourished patient
4 years ago
Ruba Abo Essa
if TST is negative in highly suspected cases, it should be repeated after 3 months and other investigations should be sent , like 3 morning samples of gastric aspirations or sputum for AFB or IGRA test .
4 years ago
Elly Wa Maina
3months and we repeat after 1month
4 years ago

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