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Posted On : 03 Mar 2024
Some vaccine manufacturers claim that DTP with attenuated Pertussis component is to be given to all children instead of DPT because the former gives less chance of Fever, and pain. The pertussis component causes the adverse effect in only a select few and not all. How far is the generalized claim regarding pain, and fever correct?
Expert Answer :
Studies have depicted lesser fever and crying episodes with acellular pertussis.

Ref: Vaccine. 2008 Oct 29`26{46}:5883-7.
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noon NAAH
Acute kidney injury
4 months ago
Dfsa Ata
some how
4 months ago
Shahid ulghafoor
I would say it is correct.
4 months ago
Fati Konadu
FC aww a
4 months ago
Whole cell pertussis will cause side effects. Acellular type will cause side effects of less severity. It’s more comfortable to use acellular type. antibody titre is variable for both at 10 years after vaccine
4 months ago

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