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Posted On : 24 Mar 2024
After an episode of typhoid, after how many months, or weeks we should give typhoid vaccine?
I have a kid who had measles in 8 months, an uneventful course, do I need to give measles in 9th or only 2 doses of MMR can suffice at 15-18 months and others later?
Expert Answer :
After 4 weeks after typhoid, the vaccine can be given.
Now next dose should be the MMR vaccine at 15 months followed by a booster at 5 years
Answer Discussion :
Nas Mer
Typhoid vaccine after 4 weeks of cure.
25 Days ago
Dr Ketan Talmale
Typhoid vaccine 4 weeks after cure, measles as per schedule
25 Days ago
anulika chiemela
I think after 4weeks….?
25 Days ago
elsir abdlah
4 months
Only 2dose

25 Days ago
Typhoid vaccine after at least 4weeks and measles at routine time
25 Days ago

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