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Posted On : 04 Feb 2018
Why do u order T3T4TSH plusfree t3t4 in a suspected case of hypothyroidism ,why not T3T4TSH only
Expert Answer :
It is cheaper to do T3, T4 rather than Free T3 and Free T4. However if cost is not an issue, then Free T3 and Free T4 should be done.
Answer Discussion :
jaya lakshmi
in antibody induced thyroiditis free t3 t4 gives correct values
1 year ago
Om Lena
free t3 t4 is the active form
1 year ago
maurizio ostaldo
because T3 and T4 are nutrition depen dent
1 year ago
Awais tahir
molecular mimicry
1 year ago
mona saleh
those the active form of the hormones
1 year ago

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