Status Epilepticus

Swati Joshi
Status Epilepticus - Investigations
Basic investigations to be carried out in all cases of SE irrespective of etiology include blood sugar, serum electrolytes, blood gases, blood urea, complete blood count. Serum Ca and Mg should be in neonates.

Certain other investigations may be required depending on individual situation:
- Lumbar puncture
- Serum anticonvulsant levels
- Liver function tests, serum ammonia
- Blood cultures
- Toxicology screen

Role of EEG: EEG is useful to recognise SE in paralyzed patients, nonconvulsive SE and in neonates. It is also of use in refractory SE which requires to be treated with Midazolam infusion or general anaesthetics.

Status Epilepticus Status Epilepticus 01/04/2001
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