Diagnostic Dilemma

Congenital edema of feet

A 7 year old girl presented with edema of feet since birth. She is otherwise asymptomatic. On examination apart from edema feet (non-pitting) and skin denudation over edema, the rest of examination is normal.

What is the diagnosis ?
Expert Opinion :
Since this child has edema feet since birth, one should rule out congenital lymphedema. This is a condition due to poor development of lymphatics in the limbs leading to edema. Occasionally, patients may have pleural effusion and ascitis due to lymphatic obstruction. The other name for this disorder is Milroy’s disease. Diagnosis can be confirmed by lymphangiography. Treatment consists of elastic stockings to decrease edema, prevention of ulcers due to fluid stasis and benzopyrenes to decrease the edema. There is no curative treatment.
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Milroys disease
5 years ago
Ali kadhem?.??? ???? ???????
Turnar syndrome
5 years ago

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