Diagnostic Dilemma


An 8 years old boy presented with cough for 4 months. His Mantoux test was 22 mm and chest X-Ray was suggestive of primary complex. In view of recurrent cough, a serum IgE was done that was elevated (4763 IU/L). He was started on antituberculous therapy (ATT) and completed 6 months of ATT. There were no other symptoms of any other infections or allergies.

Is this Hyper IgE syndrome?
Expert Opinion :
His repeat IgE levels were 1005 IU/L after 3 months.
Answer Discussion :
Alok Kumar
should have another cause
6 years ago
Salma Ahmed
Other feature of the syndrome
Facial feature, skin rash or abscess, esinophilia and delay eruption of teeth
Not serum IgE only

6 years ago

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