Diagnostic Dilemma

White out lung

A 6 days old newborn developed sudden respiratory distress and was referred for admission. He was tachypneic with subcostal chest indrawing, heart rate was 160, and CRT was prolonged. The child was delivered normal. Antenatal history was normal and postnatally child was alright for 5 days. Baseline investigations showed hemoglobin of 17 gm percent, white cell count of 8000, cumm with 76 percent polymorphs and 22 percent lymphocytes, CRP was 4. CXR showed white out lung. Antibiotics like Meropenem and Clindamycin were given. The child was ventilated but didn’t pick up saturation. ECHO was done which showed mild pulmonary edema. The child was given surfactant after which showed mild improvement.

What was the cause of white out lung_? Possible scope of treatment_?
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13 years ago
dilip Waske
Respiratory distress syndrome{HMD}
13 years ago

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