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Salicylic acid

Mechanism :

It softens and destroys the stratum corneum by increasing endogenous hydration which causes the horny layer of the skin to swell, soften, and then desquamate. At high concentrations, salicylic acid has a caustic effect. It also possesses weak antifungal and antibacterial activity.

Indication :

  • Indicated for the treatment of warts, acne, corns and dandruff.

Contraindications :


Prolonged use or application to large areas (risk for salicylism).

Dosing :

>12 years:
Use 1% Salicylic acid topical onto the acne and cleanse the affected area. Apply two to three times a day.

Adverse Effect :

Allergic reactions with symptoms of swelling of lips, tongue, face with hives and urticaria.

Interaction :

Do not use Salicylic acid topical on abrasive skin surface or with drying soaps, other skin cleansers including alcohol cleansers, abrasives, tinctures, other peeling agents and astringents.

Hepatic Dose :

No dose adjustment recommended.
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