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What are cuts & abrasions?

Cuts and abrasions are wounds that cause your skin to break. Cuts can be caused by sharp object such as knives, glass splinters. brasions are caused when your skin rubs against a hard surface and it breaks. Small cuts called scratches may be caused by needle or thorns.

What happen when we get a cut?

Well, since the skin is pierced, bleeding occurs as blood vessels in the skin are broken. This bleeding stops within a few minutes and the blood forms a clot. This clot then dries up and become a scab. The scab usually falls of within a week or two. This scab helps the skin to heal underneath it and new skin is seen when the scab falls off. If you pick at the scab earlier the wound may again start bleeding and would take longer time to heal. The new skin initially may look lighter but within a few months becomes of the same color as that of your normal skin.

What should I do if I get a cut or an abrasion?

The first thing is to stop the bleeding. Press the bleeding area with a clean, soft cloth. Once the bleeding stops, wash the wound with running water and apply a Band-Aid (if the cut is small) or an antibiotic (pronounced as N- T - bye - O - tick) cream on the wound. Your doctor may also give you an injection to prevent tetanus if you haven't received it before.

For deep cuts consult your doctor immediately as may require stitches to stop the bleed.

"Oh, my tantrums of its and but
That a knife one-day gave me a cut
And doctor said injection was a must"

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