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What is German Measles?
German measles or rubella is an infection caused by a germ called the rubella virus. The person may suffer from mild cold and fever and sore throat. Some glands may swell up on the back of the neck and within 24 hours pink spots may start on the face and spread to the rest of the body rapidly. The rash appears very similar to measles but the rash disappears so fast that by time it reaches the stomach, the rash on the face in gone. By the 2nd day, the rash disappears and what is seen is flushing of the face and usually by the 3rd day, the rash completely disappears. The fever is often gone by then. Sometimes, rubella in an older woman may cause pain in the joints.
   Hence, German measles is also called Three – Day measles.

How does German measles occur?
German measles spreads through coughing and person to person contact.

How can German measles be treated?
German measles can be prevented by taking a shot. Your doctor must have given you a shot when you were about 15 months of age. Otherwise, the disease is so mild that no other treatment is required.

Does that mean German measles is not dangerous?
German measles is usually mild in children, However rubella in the pregnant woman is very dangerous for the unborn child and hence it is so important to take the rubella shot.

"Rubella, I thought was in Germany
But 3 days was all that it took of me
Hop skip and jump, I was ready to be
Measles in Germany was not bad to me"

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