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What are these worms that come into my digestive system?

There are many worms that live as parasites within the human intestines. Some worms may be as long as a meter such as tapeworm or as small as in millimeters such as pinworms The commonest worms that could be found in the human intestine are the roundworm and hookworm. There are also other kinds of worms that can be in the human intestine but are quite rare.

How do I get these worms?
These worms are swallowed as eggs or as larvae in the food or water that we have. Sometimes these eggs are present in the soil in the sandboxes and playgrounds and playing would spread these eggs from the soil onto all hands where they could remain under our fingernails. Putting our fingers into the mouth may cause the eggs to pass into our system. These eggs and larvae then hatch in the intestine and reside as adult worms over there. They then lay thousands of eggs that pass in our stools and spread to other people thus continuing the cycle of infection.

What do these worms do in our body?

These worms are parasites i.e. they live off other organisms. These worms take nourishment from the food that we eat. Hookworm may also suck blood from our body. Sometimes these worms may block the intestine and not allow the stool to pass. Pinworms may also cause itching around the anal region.

How do I get rid of the worms?
Generally worms are very common in children. Your doctor may give you medicine if he suspects that you may be having worms in the intestine. This medicine will remove the worms from the intestine and you will be able to see them in your stools next day. The medicine may have to be repeated after 3 months to ensure that no eggs remain in the intestine. Your doctor may ask for a stool examination and even may do a test by placing a small piece of tape on your anus. This tape will be seen under the microscope to see if there are any eggs. Your doctor may also give the anti-worm medicine to all the people in the house.

How do I prevent myself from getting worms?
The best way to prevent would be to wash your hands with soap and water before eating food, after using the toilet and after playing outside. Also keep your fingers short and clean and then worms can remain on an outside scene".

"Play I used to in the mud everyday
Never on soap, my hands I lay
Passed I did a huge worm in stools today
Now I wash & scrub my hands after I play".

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