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What is measles?
Measles is an infection caused by a germ called the measles virus. It causes cough, cold, fever and pinkish spots. These pink spots develop on the 4th or 5th day of sickness. This rash starts behind the ears, spreads to the face and then gradually over rest of the body. The fever also continues along with the rash. The rash may completely cover your body in one – two days after which it slowly disappears in the same manner in which it started i.e. from the face to the body downwards. The fever also disappears and you start improving.

How does measles occur?
Measles spreads from person to person. It can spread through the cough, through the rash by skin contact. Measles spreads maximum in the stage here you have the cough, even before the rash has come

What can happen in a person with measles?
Usually measles rash does not cause itching & disappears leaving behind a brownish color on the skin that goes away in 7 – 10 days. Sometimes, person with measles may get ear infections and lung infections (pneumonia)

How can measles be treated?
Measles can be prevented by taking a shot. Your doctor must have given you a shot when you were about 9 months old and again at 15 months of age.
Since measles spread rapidly from person to person [it is a contagious (pronounced as con – tae – ge – us)] disease, a child suffering from measles may have to miss school for atleast 5 days after the rash appears.
Your doctor may give you medicine for your fever and cough and may advice your mom to give you a complete bed rest.

" Cough, cold, fever and me
Pinkish rash on the face of me
Measles it is and holidays for me
But sick in bed, lies poor me! "

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