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Have you ever wondered how and why we fall sick?

Well, our body is very amazing. It is like a fortress protected by the skin, the white blood cells (the soldiers) and the antibodies made by these cells (the bullets). Our body is under constant attack by small, tiny organisms called the germs (the enemy). These germs are so small that we need to use a microscope to see them. These germs, when they enter into our body, go on an attack spree and cause damage to the body or part of the body. That is called an infection. Sometimes they may cause an infection only in one particular part of the body like your eyes, lungs etc or may affect the whole body causing fever. Our body tries to fight these germs with the help of the white blood cells and the antibodies. Sometimes, we may need to take medicines like antibiotics that almost bulldoze the germs.

The germs that cause infection are of 4 types :-

  1. Bacteria (pronounced as back – tea – ri-ah) – They are tiny single celled creatures and cause infectious like pneumonia, sore throat, sinusitis, ear infectious and boils.

  1. Viruses (pronounced as why – rus-is) – They are organisms that depend on a living cell to live. They usually cannot live outside a living cell. Viruses cause infections like flu, chicken pox, measles, mumps, polio and many other diseases.

  1. Fungi (pronounced as fun-guy) – Fungi are organisms that grow on damp, molded environment for e.g. When a bread is left outside for several days, the white substance that grows on it is the fungus. Fungi cause infections of the nails and that itchy rash in the thighs, armpits and other skin folds.

  1. Protozoa – They are larger organisms and include the intestinal worms, the organisms causing malaria.

How do we protect ourselves from germs?

First and foremost, eating healthy and nutritious food helps you to make your body stronger. Proper exercise and adequate sunshine makes you feel better. And a stronger body has better power (white blood cells and antibodies) to fight the germs.

Another thing to remember is to keep clean. Washing hands with soap and water keeps most of he germs away from you.

And not to forget, your regular visit to your friendly neighbourhood doctor to receive your shots. These shots are the machine guns to fight the germs when they attack your body.

"So, now its time to become wise
Change your dirty habits & revise
To fight the germs is my advice !!"

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