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What is fever?
Well, fever is simply rise in body temperature. Normally our body temperature is usually around 98.6 degree Fahrenheit or 37 degree Celsius. Some people have body temperature slightly more or less than the above values.

What maintains the normal body temperature?
Our brain has a centre called the hypothalamus (pronounced as hi-po-th-la-muss) that maintains our normal body temperature. Due to some infection, germs or just heat stroke, the brain sets a new temperature and the body temperature rises till it reaches the new set point. Because, your body is now set at a higher temperature, you will feel hot, shivering and even feel cold till your body reaches the new set temperature. When you take treatment for the fever, the set point again comes down to around 37 degree Celsius. Hence, your body starts losing heat in form of sweating till the temperature is back to normal.

How to fight a fever? Usually a fever less than 100 degree Fahrenheit does not require any medicine. Your doctor may prescribe drugs to bring down the fever. You will be advised to drink lots of liquid as your body may become dehydrated if it gets hot. You may also be given a cold sponge to bring down the temperature if it is too high. And do not forget nothing is better than a good rest.

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