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What do you mean by a red eye?

It simply means that you have conjunctivitis (pronounced as con-junk-tea-y-tis). No, don’t be scared, it is not some way-out disease that you have but it simply means that you have an infection or allergy in your eye. You may also call it "pink eye" If you get hurt and your body part hurts and swells up, immediately apply ice. The ice narrows the torn blood vessels and will lessen the swelling. There will be less pain as there is less bleeding. Ice when applied in the initial half an hour is most effective but can be applied even after that. Later you may require some painkillers if it pains too much.

Conjunctivitis can occur due to germs entering your eye called as infective conjunctivitis or you may be allergic to something called as allergic conjunctivitis. Sometimes, something may enter your eye (for e.g. your eyelash) and may cause irritation in the eye.

Kids get conjunctivitis very commonly. Most people get conjunctivitis in both eyes at same time. Your eyes become red, big and some yellowish, whitish sticky liquid may start coming from your eyes. This conjunctivitis usually lasts for a short time and then goes away by itself or after taking medicine. You can help preventing the spread of conjunctivitis. Since, it spreads through touching, wasting your hands a lot with soap water is useful. Do not touch your eyes repeatedly.

Your doctor will give you some drops to be put in both your eyes or may ven prescribe some eye ointment. It is important to let your parents put these drops into your eyes according to what the doctor has prescribed. If your eyes are really itching. You can apply cold or hot water packs on your eye. If the sticky fluid from eyes gathers around the eye you can gently clean each eye with a clean cotton (do not use the same cotton for both eyes) to remove that sticky liquid. Always throw that cotton ball in the dustbin and do not leave it lying around, so that others do not get infected.

" So go on, look in the mirror at your big, red eye
But do not rub, rub, rub your eye
Or else everyone else will get the pink eye
And you shall land up with two ugly black eyes."

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