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Myocarditis and Rickettsia Conorii Infection
Harsha B Patil, Praveen Shahapur, L H Bidari.
Dr Bidari`s Ashwini Institute of Child Health and Research Centre, Bijapur, Karnataka, India.
Myocarditis and pericarditis are rare complications of human rickettsiosis, usually seen in the setting of an acute disseminated infection of rickettsia rickettsii and conorii. Clinical laboratory findings such as thrombocytopenia (particularly with Indian spotted fever), normal or low white cell counts, mild to moderate serum elevations of hepatic aminotransferases, and hyponatremia suggest some common pathophysiological mechanisms. In endemic areas, patients presenting with fever, rash or a skin lesion consisting of a black necrotic area or a crust surrounded by an erythema should be considered to have one of the rickettsial spotted fevers. We from a developing country report a rare case of rickettsia conorii myocarditis, its serological diagnosis and management.

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