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Posted On : 5/26/2018 12:00:17 AM
10 yr old,fever with rigor 2 and a half months,treated with broad spectrum antibiotics,primaquin plus quinine and seizures on 45 th day of fever,echymotic patch,generalised odema 2 weeks,ascitis pleural effusion,and hepatomegaly,lymphadenopathy,PT and APTT prolonged,platelet 1 lakh,TC 4000,history of contact with open case of TB,no joint involment,no skin rash,Jaundice.
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It seems to be DIC. Rule out HLH and chronic liver disease.
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Papi Reddy
22 Days ago
George M
Disseminated tuberculosis
25 Days ago
bandari adityakumar
Disseminated tb
25 Days ago
I. Bhaskar Naik
rickettsial fever
26 Days ago

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