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Posted On : 02 Jul 2020
2 years old boy with Down syndrome, common A, V canale. present with hemiplegia on the right side with facial nerve affection on the same side. C T brain show infarction. ni vegetations could be detected over cardiac lesions, no abnormalities as regard protein s and c, and also antithrombin 3.SO2: 95. What could be the cause of this infarction?
Expert Answer :
Most left-sided strokes with cardiac disease are embolic even without vegetations on the valve. One condition that is characteristically seen with Down's syndrome is Moya-Moya syndrome. Consider obtaining vascular imaging like CT Angiogram.
Answer Discussion :
Aishwarya Pm
presence of right to left shunt allows for thrombus to reach the brain.
heart defects prone to arrythmias which might have lead to hypoxia and bleed as picked up by the ct

3 years ago
nasreen akhtar
Chronic ENT infections leading venous thrombosis
3 years ago

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