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Posted On : 09 Jul 2020
A 15 yrs girl came to me with complaints of episodes of tachycardia. Sometimes the episode of tachycardia triggered by exercise. Her ECG CBC and cardiac examination are normal except mild anemia. Can it be psvt? How can we confirm the diagnosis because episodes of tachycardia last for 15 to 20 mins?
Expert Answer :
A holter might help. Or a loop recorder may be required in case it is infrequent and holter does not pick it up. On emust keep in mind unaccustomed exercise causing sinus tachycardia too. One can do a TMT and ask the pt if the feeling is the same. Lastly in rare situations, an implantable chip with 6 months ECG recording is possible to make sure one gets the rhythm abnormality.
Answer Discussion :
Pradeep Jain
Holger monitoring

1 year ago
somanshu dev
needs 24 hrs Holter Monitoring
1 year ago
doctor imran
holter monitoring
1 year ago
Subhasish Dhar
holter monitoring
1 year ago
zohdi alhanouty
We need ECG during the episode of tachycardia to know whether it’s SVT,sinus tachycardia or other types of tachycardia.
1 year ago

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