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Posted On : 25 Jun 2020
I have a 2-month-old infant born to toxo positive mother, who has been on spiramycin from 3rd month onwards. the baby presented with bleeding from injection sites, PT and APTT were prolonged. infants torch test is negative.shoud the infant be treated or not?
Expert Answer :
What are the child`s Toxo IgM and IgG titres? Are they both negative? If both are negative, the child does not need to be treated for Toxo.
Give VItamin K for the prolonged PT and PTT.
Answer Discussion :
Aishwarya Pm
no I don't think so
1 year ago
AnoopSingh Ranhotra
LHDN, PiVKa, Vit K Inj.
1 year ago
Ankit Gupta
no treatment is needed
1 year ago

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