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Posted On : 29 Jul 2018
3 month old , presented with bilateral ear discharge , while on antibiotics developed dyspnea requiring ventilation , then developed skin rashes , hepatosplenomegaly ,
difficulty in weaning off ventilator , sibling known case of Glanzmans thrombasthenia
Ig E 500 , platelet count 14,000 , CBC normal
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This child has a severe disease and the low platelet is not because of Glanzmann`s thrombasthenia. What is the MPV {Mean Platelet Volume}. So there has to be another cause to explain thrombocytopenia. What is the coagulation profile` What is the LFT` is there work up for Hematophagic Lymphohistiocytosis being done_? like Serum ferritin, Triglycerides, Coag profile, LFT. Is a BMA done in this pt` what is the culture report of ear discharge` What is the Blood CUlture report` are there lung lesions can we do BAL to isolate an organism_? What is the ALC and ANC {Absolute Lymphocyte count and Absolute Neutrophil count. The IgE levels are not impressive. Need more onformation
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