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Posted On : 06 Nov 2017
4yr old child weighing 14 kg with fair dietary history gets repeated rectal prolapse which is manually reducible. stool routine normal. deworming done a course of antibiotics with Metronidazole and diloxinate furate given. High protein diet given. Not anemic,appetite good.Motions are normal.Gets relief of and on with and without medication.
Expert Answer :
Rectal prolapse is caused by the weakening of the ligaments and muscles that hold the rectum in place. In most people, the anal sphincter is weak. Rectal prolapse is often associated with the following conditions: long term constipation, long term straining during defecation, long term diarrhea, high gastrointestinal helminth loads, previous surgery, cystic fibrosis, chronic cough, and sphincter paralysis.
If bowel habits are normal, there is no worm infestation and she is not malnourished, straining at stools. Try and give a high fibre diet to prevent straining at stools
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huma kumari
Anatomic defect
3 years ago
pelvic floor anatomic defect
3 years ago
vidhya marimuthu
repeated rectal prolapse-cystic fibrosis need to be ruled out
3 years ago
Aisha Abdalaziz
cystic fibrosis
3 years ago

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