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Posted On : 15 Mar 2020
a child had tracheomalacia and tracheo oesophageal fistulae was 4 years suffering from recurrent respiratory tract infections and also features of long he will be suffering from such infections..._?should we repeat any scans to look for diameter of the esophagus? If so what? Gastrograffin scan?
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The boy was operated at birth and is now 4 yrs old. He still continues to have GERD and recurrent infections. I think he should undergo a Barium Swallow to look for severity of GER, it will also show the caliber and peristalsis in the esophagus and give an idea if there is a stricture at the anastomotic site which needs therapy. A radionuclide scan will help to prove the aspiration of gastric contents into the respiratory tree. If the GERD is causing great trouble, a laparoscopic fundoplication will help the boy and stop symptoms.
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Riaz Ahmed
With my personal experience as well others, even operated TEF kids do face problems of GERD and recurrent minor aspirations because of their lag in physiological functions of lower esophagus motility and by time they tend to improve once they reach school going age when they are on solid food and nothing you could offer at this part of time except thickened formula and encouraging to solid food.
4 years ago

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