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Posted On : 09 Apr 2020
I have an MRSA infection in Nicu. I want to know how to get rid of it and what is the best sterilizers for incubators in this situation at the present time I use sodium hypochlorite is it enough or should I use other sterilizers?
Expert Answer :
The following articles will be useful:
Antibiotic policies to control hospital-acquired infection. Gould IM., J Antimicrob Chemother. 2008 Apr`61{4}:763-5.
A review of antimicrobial control strategies in hospitalized and ambulatory pediatric populations. Patel SJ, Larson EL, Kubin CJ, Saiman L., Pediatr Infect Dis J., 2007 Jun`26{6}:531-7. Review.

You will have to trace the source from the health care personnel: a nasal swab of all members or checking who has acne and looking for a carrier and then treating with Mupirocin cream.
Answer Discussion :
douglas gitahi
yes it's enough.
4 years ago
Yamisley Barrientos
Cavi wipes can help
4 years ago
Kenneth L Harkavy
30+ years ago my NICU faced the same issue. This NICU contained 35 beds in a large room divided only by half walls. We were serviced by medical students and all levels of physicians (trainees and board certified neonatologists) as well as dedicated nurses. We were able to eliminate MRSA (infections such as sepsis, osteoarthritis, etc) only by closing the infected NICU to new admissions and using a separate nursery and staff for all new admissions. Cohorting, gowns, gloves etc in the same room did not work. I don't recall the cleaning agent, but it did not change. MRSA was recovered off and on over the years in proportion to its prevalence in the community. No further outbreaks though.
4 years ago

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