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Posted On : 30 Apr 2020
Male child is born on Nov 26, 2010, with a history of hydronephrosis in the left kidney seen in USG. The right kidney is having a normal diameter. The left kidney measures 9mm in usg report done on Nov 30. The birth wt of the baby is 3.4kg. There is no trouble for passing urine.No other anomalies seen externally. Kindly suggest prognosis and the line of treatment required if any. Padiatrician is dr Annadate from Vaijapur {dist Aurangabad} is looking after the baby. His opinion is wait and watch. kindly opine in this case. thanks.{the baby is my grandson
Expert Answer :
Expert Opinion is to have a MAG3 scan done once the child is around 6 weeks - 3 months old and if this shows obstruction, he will need surgery.
Answer Discussion :
Elizabeth Davidson
wait and watch
4 years ago
Jehan Al Zubairi
No postnatal evaluation required if renal pelvis diameter <10 mm
4 years ago
Manish Gupta
Should wait and watch
4 years ago

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