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Posted On : 16 Apr 2020
A 3 years girl has general tonic-clonic seizures since 1 year. EEG finding shows that she has grandmal epilepsy. She is getting Tegretol and Sodium Valproate in maximum dose but the convulsion is still occurring. What medicine may apply for her uncontrolled convulsion?
Expert Answer :
If her EEG has a generalized spike-wave pattern, Tegretol may be making her epilepsy worse. I will recommend switching her to Levetiracetam { Keppra} or Clobazam {frisium} and weaning off Tegretol. I am assuming she has no lesion on neuroimaging.
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sree lakshmi
1 year ago
sharath chandra
leviteracetam and phenobarbitone at bed time
1 year ago
Valter Spanevello
1 year ago
Gideon Domare
1 year ago
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1 year ago

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