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Posted On : 08 May 2020
Can infective endocarditis and acute rheumatic carditis in a patient with established rheumatic heart disease occur together? If this is common how to differentiate between those two and how to treat?
Expert Answer :
Usually will not occur together. The Dukes criteria should be taken into consideration when considering infective endocarditis. The presence of changing murmurs is highly suspicious of active rheumatic carditis.
Answer Discussion :
Ali Almaghrby
We can differntiat between them by history. Examination and EChO. Blood c/s then treat accordingly
3 months ago
nader nader
yes >>we must do echo + blood culture>>then adjust the treatment
3 months ago
Renata Dimitrioska
3 months ago
Renata Dimitrioska
can occure together
3 months ago

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