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Posted On : 21 May 2020
7 yr old child with Lennox-gastaut syn. on the optimal dose of Topomax and Keppra, the epilepsy is nearly controlled punctuated occasionally by shouting which could be an attack but no loss of consciousness. Can I put my child in an institute for extensive physiotherapy suit therapy for 4 weeks, thank you.
Expert Answer :
There should be no contraindication to put this child in inpatient therapy as epilepsy seems to be well controlled. Does the child have some other issues like severe spastic CP or a recent brain injury? If not, outpatient therapy should suffice.
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Theodore Netherland
Yes, you can put your child in a institution for extensive physiotherapy suit therapy for four weeks. Nearly controlled symptoms, optimal dose of Topomax and Keppra.
4 years ago

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