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Posted On : 28 Mar 2019
a male child born with lscs wt is 3.2kg, cry immediately have bilateral inguinal hernia when baby will be operated
Expert Answer :
The timing of inguinal herniotomy is decided on the basis of clinical features like the size of the hernia` swelling, reducibility, degree of pain and the overall clinical status of the baby. If the swelling is not large, is easily reducible, the baby is stable and IF the parents can be relied upon to report to an emergency department on the earliest sign of obstruction, I think the procedure can be done electively at @ 3 months of age when it is relatively safe for the administration of general anesthesia. Of course the decision of the pediatric surgeon should be final and acted upon. It is important to rule out gonadal, sex disorders in neonates with bilateral inguinal hernia before any procedure is perfomed.
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