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Posted On : 16 May 2018
about infant with cerebral severe cases there is transfer dysphagia..lead to difficult feeding and sometimes lead to aspiration pneumonia.
how can treat this problem..are there any drugs to treat this muscular abnormality_?
what advise should be given to the mother about feeding techniques_?
Expert Answer :
Child needs oro motor therapy. This is given by speech therapist who deal with such children. There are some medications to inprove the oro motor control. These need to be prescribed by a doctor who deals with such children. There is no magic medicine. Try semi solids. Avoid liquids esp thin ones like water.

Dr Anaita Hegde
Pediatric Neurologist,
Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai
Answer Discussion :
salma faroug
feed the child in sitting postion
3 years ago
vidhya marimuthu
tube feeds
3 years ago

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