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Posted On : 06 May 2018
breast milk jaunice is a benign condition...can it lead to kernicterus_? it neccessary to stop breast milk for a days_?
Expert Answer :
Breast milk jaundice can never cause kernicterus as per the EVIDENCE so far.....but it is a diagnosis of exclusion - you should have excluded many other possible causes including G6PD def, Urine infection etc.....when you have ruled out all other causes - then you can continue - NO need to stop breast feeding.
Answer Discussion :
marco carmona
Its not necessary
3 years ago
drDr.Aisha Pediatric
yes may need that
3 years ago
Miguel Zarate
No need to stop breastfeeding
3 years ago
Orunta Chidinma Pamela
It can't lead to kernicterus. No need to stop breastfeeding
3 years ago
Nicolas Lembert
It is not necesssry, it will resolve itself by helping through sun exposure, if weather permits. If levels increase beyond security figures, it is due to other factors rather than breastfeeding and you should look into.
3 years ago

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