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Posted On : 21 May 2023
Can the easy 5 vaccines be given as a booster dose at 18 months after 3 doses of easy five? Also what is the component of pertussis in easy five can it be given as a booster dose?
Expert Answer :
Easy 5 has DPT plus Hib plus Hepatitis B. For a booster dose at 18 months, we need to give only DPT plus Hib. So for booster, any combination vaccine which has DPT plus Hib should be given and not Easy5.
Answer Discussion :
Shekhar Mehkarkar
Easy 5 has acellular pertussis component,can be given as a booster dose.
1 year ago
Esther AmoahAwuah
no, it shouldn't be given
1 year ago
Barbara Baugher
no tetanus
1 year ago
Raheeq Alward
I don't know
1 year ago
pabbathi anil
No because at 18 months hep b not needed if previously 3 doses hib and dpt should be given and whole cell pertusis can be given
1 year ago

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