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Posted On : 15 Jan 2018
chidren do not expectorate.please tell me what should be standard treatment for wet cough in children less than 4 yrs,.
Expert Answer :
As per US FDA, cough syrups should not be used in children less than 2 years of age. In children above 2 years with wet cough, one should find out whether it is due to URTI or LRTI. In case of URTI, one may need to give antihistamine and soothing agents, in case of LRTI a cough expectorant may be needed.
Answer Discussion :
Mary GreyJohnson
Nebulise with normal saline
3 years ago
Nageshar Ashna
Neb with hypertonic saline
3 years ago
nebulisation with 3 percent normal saline helps by vasoconstriction and decreases secretions ..
most of the agents are viral ..
antibiotics? ..macrolides may help against mycoplasma

3 years ago
bhakti bhuva
3 years ago
Abdulqayom Bahar
give antibiotics. ampecilline +gentamycin. stop that drug to inhibat cough reflex
3 years ago

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