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Posted On : 14 Jan 2024
For how Long Should We Give Calcium Supplementation In Neonatal Hypercalcaemic Seizure (Due To Cow’s Milk Intake)?
Expert Answer :
Once the ionic calcium levels in the serum are in the normal range, maintenance cral calcium in the dose of 30-50 mg/kg/day of elemental calcium in divided doses can be given for a period of about 2 months till dietary measures to increase calcium intake are completed. Eg. changing the milk intake to fortified formula or if possible and the baby`s age permits changing to full-strength cow`s milk instead of diluted milk. Prolonged supplementation is usually not indicated if oral intake can be corrected.
Answer Discussion :
Janefrances Namuli
not sure
5 months ago
hizbullah khan
The moment cow's milk stopped..
5 months ago
Dfsa Ata
you mean Neonatal seizure due to hypercalcaemia or Hypocalcaemia???!!
5 months ago
Yussra Khaled
5 months ago
????_ Ruqaya
1 week
5 months ago

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