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Posted On : 21 Jan 2024
How should we manage hypomagnesemia in neonatal hypocalcemic seizures?
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If the magnesium levels are found to be low in a case of hypocalcemic seizure {normal level: 1.9 - 2.4 mg/dL} and the seizures are not responsive to usual calcium supplementation, parentreral magnesium may be indicated. The usual dose is 0.2 ml,/kg/dose of 50 percent Magnesium Sulfate solution {2 mmol, ml}. This can be given either by deep intramuscular injection or by an intravenous infusion of diluted solution {1:4} over 4 hours. Alternatively, the required quantity can be added to the TPN fluid if the baby is on parenteral nutrition. This can be continued till the magnesium levels are normalized {usually in 3 - 4 days}. Thereafter oral supplementation may be needed in some cases or parenteral supplements to be continued if the baby remains Nil Per Oral due to any condition. Once the magnesium levels normalize the hypocalcemia usually corrects itself and the seizures subside.
Answer Discussion :
anulika chiemela
Magnesium sulfate (25–50 mg/kg or 0.2–0.4 mEq/L per dose every 12 h, intravenously over 2 h or intramuscularly) should be administered until serum magnesium concentration rises above 1.5 mg/dL (0.62 mmol/L).
26 Days ago
DrZohdi Alhanouty
Mg sulfate 50-100 mg infusion over 20 min and follow up magnesium level.
29 Days ago
Ahmed Aljarayda
Hypocalcemia seizure 100–200 mg/kg dose IV over 5–10 min, repeat dose 6 hr later if needed insure about Mg level if low 25 to 50 mg/kg magnesium sulfate IV infusion over 10 to 20 minutes
30 Days ago
Cem Geyik
100 mg kg magnesium sulfat via iv slow infusion or deep im injection
30 Days ago
Fatima Taher
iv mg sulfate slowly infusion
30 Days ago

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