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Posted On : 31 Dec 2023
What are the options available to give Vitamin D to newborns and after rickets treatment? What are the available brands with their conc, Viseneral Z, etc containing 200 IU per ml, we need 400 IU so can we give 2 ml, doesn't it lead to hypervitaminosis of other vitamins?
Expert Answer :
Giving Visyneral double dose will cause hypervitaminosis of other vitamins. The other option would be to pulverise calcirol into smaller satchets. If calcium is also low, then a prepartion that contains calcium and vitamin D can be used.
Answer Discussion :
new born on breast milk 400 units a day till 1 year of age .
5 months ago
hizbullah khan
Giving vit D in infants is essential,400 IU daily is enough
5 months ago
keron Lubinda
no It can't lead to hypervitaminosis if the dose is administered with caution and close monitoring of urine test as well frequent breastfeeding to aid In infant digestion as well as absorption.
5 months ago
because of high demand in infants,no hypervitaminosis
5 months ago

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