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Posted On : 10 Dec 2023
For infants who refuse to eat. As a last resort can we prescribe cyproheptadine? As an appetizer is its use rational? If yes how often and for how long should it be administered? I read everywhere that it is used only after 2 years. But I have seen quite a lot of practitioners giving it as an appetizer even below two years.
Expert Answer :
Cyproheptadine was initially used in asthmatic children. Its weight-gaining properties were then noted. There was no evidence of altered metabolism or water retention as the cause of weight gain. This weight gain was then attributed to an increased caloric intake secondary appetite stimulation. The appetite stimulant property of Cyproheptadine was then documented in various studies in the 1970s and 1980s. It has been used in various studies as an appetite stimulant in children with cystic fibrosis and cancer treatment-related cachexia.
Answer Discussion :
Haitham Kassim
yes for one month
6 months ago
zeeshan majeed
role out cause of refusal
6 months ago
Gladys Yonah
we have to find an underlying cause of her refusal to eat, not giving appetisers
6 months ago
Sunil Shukla
Find out cause of decreased appetite,most common cause is in this age group nutritional anemia due excessive amount diluted cow milk so we have to find out and councill for same sos iron therapy if diagnosed as IDA..
6 months ago
David Momplaisir
I haven't used it yet for this symptom
6 months ago

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