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Posted On : 21 Sep 2018
i am a pediatrician seeing agirl child 3 years with meningitis improving but having weakness all four limbs dtr negative power 3, 5 all four limbs MRI brain normal my diagnosis is critical illness neuropathy suggest please
Expert Answer :
Rule out ADEM. A repeat CSF may be useful. Also rule out brain stem encephalitis, polio.
Answer Discussion :
samir algahlan
This most probably post infection autoimmune encephalitis or Gullian Barre disease so it’s better to start pulsed steroids 30 mg/kg for 3-5 days or IVIG 1gm/kg for 2days or plasmapheresis
3 years ago
kadri soliman
Brain stem encephalitis
3 years ago
3 years ago
shahid iqbal
3 years ago
S. Hatipoglu
Basal(brain stem)encephalitis
3 years ago

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