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Posted On : 12 Dec 2016
I am an Occupational Therapist living and working in Tanzania for the past 15 years. I run a small project that in part helps children with disabilities recieve corrective surgeries. I have recently come across a number of children with genetic syndromes and have been able to identify a few of the syndromes {Apert`s syndrome and other skeletal displasias} but am unable to identify one child`s syndrome. J has bilateral talipes equinovarus, his face has a pinched look {eyes close together, small tapered nose, flat forhead and ill defined cheekbones}, mildly deformed hands that have loose ligements and slender digits, has absent or undescended testicles and has normal intellegence. I have seen three other children with the same or similar features. The first three are from the same family, James is not from the same immediate family but is from the same tribe. It is not impossible that J is related to the other either closely or distantly. All are male. Thanks
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Dear Friend,
I would love to help you but dysmorphology needs good photographs if you could post them
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